How to install the Roll-Up Automatic toiletpaper dispenser

Step 1 - Making the notch in the wall

Use the cartboard template to draw the notch on the wall.

Step 2 - Drill holes in the corners

Use a drill to create holes in the corners.

Step 3 - Cutting out the notch

Use a jigsaw to saw out the notch from corner to corner.

Step 4 - Glue on the tube

Now take the Roll-Up from the packaging and put polymer sealant (high tack) on the edges of its head so it can be mounted firmly on the backside of te wall.

Step 5 - Place the tube

Place the tube on the backside of the wall so the edges will fit exactly in the notch. Now firmly push the Roll-Up against the panel.

Step 6 - Place the door (after tiling)

In the last step you will place the door. Put polymer sealant (high tack) at the back of the edges en place it at the front of the panel/wall. Push the door firmly against the panel.


When the sealant is dry (12 hours) you can fill your Roll-Up with 6 rolls of toiletpaper!