The hygienic and invisible storage system for 6 rolls of toiletpaper.

Spare rolls of toiletpaper are usually placed on a stand or in a basket next to the toilet. Dust and spray urine (caused by urinate standing) contaminate these rolls quickly.

The Roll-Up autmatic toiletpaper dispenser consist of a tube where 6 rolls of toiletpaper can be stored. A little door at ergonomical height gives you the possibility to take a new roll, the unique and patented Roll-Up system will push up the next roll.

Refill the Roll Up automatic toiletpaper dispenser

Open the door, place a roll in the tube. Now push this roll down with one hand and place the next roll with your other hand. Repeat these steps untill the Roll-Up is completely filled with 6 rolls of toiletpaper.

The Roll-Up is only suitable for the standard sized toiletrolls (maxirolls will not fit in the tube).

The Roll-Up automatic toiletpaper dispenser is easy to mount. Please take a look at our installation video presentation or our "step by step" installation manual. The Roll-Up can be mounted in two ways:

Perfect for those who buy a hanging toilet. The Roll-Up can be installed in hollow spaces and walls. For example next to the installation frame of your toilet. .

Perfect for those who want to use the Roll-Up in their existing toilet. Applicable in a 45° corner or a straight position.

Colors and prices
The Roll-Up automatic toiletpaper dispenser is available in 4 designs:

Brushed stainless steel € 179,95 3059208 (Complete, manual and template included)
Polished stainless steel (chrome) € 182,95 3059215 (Complete, manual and template included)
Powder coated white (RAL 9003) € 184,95 3059222 (Complete, manual and template included)
Powder coated in every RAL color € 204,95 3059239 (Complete, manual and template included)

The Roll-Up automatic toiletpaper dispenser will be delivered in a box including an installation manual and the template for the notch in the wall. Sealant or glue will not be included, we advise to use polymer sealant (high tack).